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We are the Microservices Community – a European-based international community interested in the software paradigm of Microservices.


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June 24th 2024

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International Conference on Microservices (Microservices 2023)

October 10th-12th 2023

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Who we are

We are the Microservices Community — a European-based international community interested in the software paradigm of Microservices.

Our aims are to share knowledge about Microservices and to promote their development, in particular by bridging research, teaching, and innovation at businesses, universities, and individuals.

We have a broad composition, including people from research institutions, private companies, universities, and public organisations (like municipalities).

We strongly believe in the importance of discussing open issues and solutions from different points of view, to create foundations for both innovation and basic research.

The Microservices Community was born during the first edition of the International Conference on Microservices.


Digital transformations are taking place all over the world and are causing an explosion in the number of connected IT systems that businesses and society depend on.

This progression is taking the complexity of IT systems to an unprecedented level: Systems must be flexible, easily integrated and updated, but at the same time should be reliable and performant.

New systems will be implicitly distributed and they require to be easily composed and arranged depending on the context.

This poses a big technical challenge which needs to be solved in order to have IT support the technological and scientific development.

Focus & Values

We aim at coordinating initiatives in four main areas: Research, Education, Brokering, and Innovation. We believe in the value of:

Breadth of areas: understanding microservices touches on different topics of computing, including Software Engineering, Software and Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, and Programming Languages.

Breadth of actors and activities: interaction among the four areas and their actors is key to the success of microservices, and we need more actors to get a strong overview of how each area can benefit from each other.

Depth of knowledge: We believe we are only going to get breakthroughs with highly specialised actors with in depth knowledge.