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  • Taming Complexity: On Studying the Application of MDE to the Design, Development, and Operation of Microservice Architectures - October 20th, 2021, 14:30–15:30 CEST
    • Description: First open webinar of the Microservice Community's Research Group.
    • Invited Speaker: Florian Rademacher (University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund, DE)
    • Talk Abstract: Microservice Architecture (MSA) is an approach to the realization of software architectures that aims to foster scalability, maintainability, and robustness. To this end, MSA proposes architecture decomposition into microservices, i.e., software components that (i) provide distinct capabilities; (ii) are as independent as possible from other components; and (iii) are solely responsible for their interactions with other components. However, when compared to monolithic software systems, the adoption of MSA usually results in a significant complexity increase concerning architecture design, development, and operation.

      In our current line of research, we pursue the goal to mitigate this complexity by investigating the application of Model-driven Engineering (MDE) to MSA engineering and introducing supportive abstractions to certain activities of the latter. In our webinar talk, we will (i) motivate our research on MDE for MSA; (ii) present an ecosystem of modeling languages, which aims to enable stakeholders in MSA engineering to express their specific concerns towards a microservice architecture in a concise and efficient manner; (iii) demonstrate the ecosystem’s practical applicability; and (iv) summarize the most recent insights from our ongoing research. In addition, we will give an outlook on potential future research activities, including both the reconstruction and collaborative specification of microservice architectures in a model-driven fashion.
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  • Second Technical Meeting of the MC Community Group on Education. - November 8th, 2021, 16:30–17:30 CET
    • Description: At its inaugural meeting on 8-September, the MCEG decided to schedule two technical events, one month apart from each other, this side of the end of 2021, to begin an exploration of initiatives into the teaching and learning of microservices. The group chose to schedule such events on Mondays, at 16:30 CET, at Zoom. Each such event will be constituted by two 20-minute guest talks, followed by 20-minute group discussion, for a total duration of 1 hour. The second event will take place on 8 November, with Kay Bromose and Tullio Vardanega as guest speakers. In order to receive notice of the meeting coordinates, please contact the convener, Tullio Vardanega at
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The Microservices Community is actively involved in the organisation of events around (but not solely dedicated to) Microservices.

We welcome inquiries from the organisers of activities compatible with the Community’s goals and its code of conduct to get our support and collaborate in their organisation. We invite prospecting organisers to contact the Microservices Community Communication Group at the address

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