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  • Microservice Research Group Seminars: "Design, monitoring, and testing of microservices systems: The practitioners’ perspective" - January 26th, 2022, 14:30–15:30 CET
    • Description: Open webinar of the Microservice Community's Research Group.
    • Invited Speaker: Muhammad Waseem (Wuhan University, CN)
    • Talk Abstract: Microservices Architecture (MSA) has received significant attention in the software industry. However, little empirical evidence exists on the design, monitoring, and testing of microservices systems. This research aims to gain a deep understanding of how microservices systems are designed, monitored, and tested in the industry. A mixed-methods study was conducted with 106 survey responses and 6 interviews from microservices practitioners. The main findings are: (1) a combination of domain-driven design and business capability is the most used strategy to decompose an application into microservices, (2) over half of the participants used architecture evaluation and architecture implementation when designing microservices systems, (3) API gateway and Backend for frontend patterns are the most used MSA patterns, (4) resource usage and load balancing as monitoring metrics, log management, and exception tracking as monitoring practices are widely used, (5) unit and end-to-end testing are the most used testing strategies, and (6) the complexity of microservices systems poses challenges for their design, monitoring, and testing, for which there are no dedicated solutions. Our findings reveal that more research is needed to (1) deal with microservices complexity at the design level, (2) handle security in microservices systems, and (3) address the monitoring and testing challenges through dedicated solutions.
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  • 9th European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing (ESOCC 2022) - March 22nd–24th 2022 CET, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany
    The European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing (ESOCC) is the premier conference on advances in the state of the art and practice of Service-Oriented Computing and Cloud Computing in Europe. The main objectives of this conference are to facilitate the exchange between researchers and practitioners in the areas of Service-oriented Computing and Cloud Computing and to foster future collaborations in Europe and beyond.
  • International Conference on Microservices (Microservices 2022) - May 10th-12th 2022
    The International Conference on Microservices is a forum for the discussion of all aspects of microservices: their design, programming, and operations. The 2022 edition of the conference (Microservices 2022) will take place in Paris, France.
    Please consider submitting your latest insights about the design, programming, and operation of Microservices in industry or academia: Call for Papers.
  • 24th International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages (COORDINATION 2022) - June 13th–17th 2022
    The International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages (COORDINATION) is a well-established forum for the growing community of researchers interested in models, languages, architectures, and implementation techniques for coordination.
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